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Year: 2017

1January, 2017
Jan 11 Executive Board Meeting
Jan 13 Virtual New Member Orientation
Jan 19 2017 Greater Atlanta ATD Kickoff & Meet your Leaders
Jan 19 Community Involvement: Help Sort at the Atlanta Food Bank
Jan 24 Learning Technologies CoP: Engaging Top Talent with Augmented and Virtual Reality
Jan 30 Board of Directors Meeting
Jan 31 Professional Development: Globalization, Innovation, and the Changing Nature of Work
Feb 10 Sales Enablement CoP : Webinar : Accelerating Sales through Coaching
Feb 16 Executive Board Meeting
Feb 16 Chapter Meeting: Only 30% of Org. Transformations Succeed: We Can Do Better!
Feb 16 Welcome! New Member Orientation
Mar 05 Community Involvement: Food Bank Walk / Run
Mar 08 Career Development CoP: Introduction to StrengthsFinder 2.0
Mar 09 Executive Board Meeting
Mar 10 Virtual New Member Orientation
Mar 10 Board of Directors Meeting
Mar 14 Learning Technologies CoP: Building Interactive eBooks for Mobile Learning with Sarah Gilbert
Mar 24 L & D CoP Webinar: Brains at Work: What Science Knows About Elevating Employee Performance 365 Days a Year
Mar 28 Sales Enablement CoP: 3 Ways to Connect Your Marketing & Sales Using LinkedIn
Apr 11 Executive Board Meeting
Apr 11 Chapter Meeting: Making a Difference: Effective Communication and Decision Making for Leaders
Apr 11 Welcome! New Member Orientation
Apr 17 Articulate Storyline 2 Comprehensive - Workshop
Apr 21 Learning Technology CoP Webinar: Section 508 Instructional Design Compliance with Articulate Storyline
Apr 27 In Conjuction with ISPI Webinar: Radically Improved Training Evaluations: Finally—Valid Feedback to Support Improvement
Apr 28 Global Talent Series Breakfast: Learning From Tomorrow
May 10 Executive Board Meeting
May 12 PowerPoint Tired? Learn Two Great New Storytelling Tools: Sway and VideoScribe!
May 12 Board of Directors Meeting
May 15 Virtual New Member Orientation
May 21 ATD ICE
May 21 SPECIAL INVITATION: ATD Volunteer Appreciation Reception
May 25 Adaptive Learning Luncheon: The Essential Ingredient for Advanced Learning Measurement
Jun 13 Executive Board Meeting
Jun 13 Chapter Meeting PreActivity:Habitat for Humanity Tour
Jun 13 Chapter Meeting: Engaging Employees Through Enterprise Gamification
Jun 13 Welcome! New Member Orientation
Jun 20 Connecting Across Borders: How to Work More Effectively on a Global Scale
Jun 26 Personal Development: Adobe Captivate Training Workshop
Jul 13 Personal Development: Camtasia Training Workshop
Jul 15 ATD Leadership Academy
Jul 15 Executive Board Meeting
Jul 17 Virtual New Member Orientation
Jul 18 Sales Enablement CoP: Creating Leverage, Building your Sales Enablement Platform Workshop
Jul 21 Learning Technologies CoP: The Art & Science of Effective Microlearning
Jul 24 Career Development CoP Webinar: Emotional Intelligence - Brand You
Jul 25 Professional Development: Articulate Training Workshop
Aug 14 Professional Development: Adobe InDesign Training Workshop
Aug 16 Human Capital CoP: OK. My team's done a "strengths assessment"...now what?
Aug 18 Learning Technologies CoP: Creating Results-Oriented eLearning with Narrative and Stories
Aug 22 Executive Board Meeting
Aug 22 Pre Chapter Meeting Activity: Rollins INC Tour
Aug 22 Chapter Meeting: Creating the Dynamic Learning Experience with Facilitation Techniques
Aug 22 Welcome! New Member Orientation
Aug 31 Young Professionals CoP Webinar: Introduction
Sep 11 Professional Development: Adobe Illustrator Training Workshop
Sep 14 Executive Board Meeting
Sep 15 Virtual New Member Orientation
Sep 15 Board of Directors Meeting
Sep 18 Professional Development: Articulate Storyline 3/360 Comprehensive Workshop
Sep 19 Professional Development: Performance Consulting, Make Performance Your Business! Workshop
Oct 04 Using Data Visualization to Tell your Story
Oct 10 ATD Atlanta Exclusive Get Better Webcast
Oct 16 Professional Development: Adobe Captivate Training Workshop
Oct 17 Executive Board Meeting
Oct 17 Chapter Meeting: Leading Multi-Generational Teams
Oct 17 Welcome! New Member Orientation
Oct 24 Strengths Finder Power Panel Discussion
Nov 06 Professional Development: Adobe InDesign Training Workshop
Nov 09 Executive Board Meeting
Nov 10 Virtual New Member Orientation
Nov 10 Board of Directors Meeting
Nov 30 Learning Technologies CoP: Go Virtual! Transition from Face-to-Face Learning to a Virtual Live Classroom
Dec 12 Executive Board Meeting
Dec 12 Pre Chapter Meeting Activity: Delta Flight Museum Tour
Dec 12 Welcome! New Member Orientation
Dec 12 Chapter Meeting: "Learning Disrupted"