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Year: 2012

1January, 2012
Jan 09 How to Craft a Rifle Shot Presentation! by the ASTD Atlanta Corporate Training SIG
Jan 19 Talent Management for Workplace Learning Professionals Webinar Series - Module 1: Learning and The Talent Management Framework
Feb 07 The Career Development SIG Presents: Networking: Beyond the Handshake
Feb 07 The Organization Development SIG presents "What's the Buzz about Branding?"
Feb 23 Talent Management for Workplace Learning Professionals Webinar Series - Module 2: How to Develop a Talent Management Strategy
Feb 27 NE GA/Athens GIG - Connecting the Dots Through Story: How to Find and Develop Stories to Make Your Training Stick
Mar 01 March 2012 Chapter Meeting
Mar 06 Technology-Based Learning SIG - UGA Master's Degree in IT
Mar 13 Organization Development (OD) SIG – Being in the Zone: The Impact on Critical Decision Making
Mar 15 Sales Performance Improvement (SPI) SIG - Basics of Social Selling using LinkedIn®- LinkedIn® 201 for the ASTD professional
Mar 20 Learn About ASTD Southeast GA GIG/Savannah
Mar 22 Talent Management for Workplace Learning Professionals Webinar Series - Module 3: How to Perform a Talent Management Needs Assessment
Mar 27 Career Development (CD) SIG - Inspired Careers - Larry Mohl, CLO, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
Apr 09 Corporate Training (CT) SIG - Go Mobile or Go Home
Apr 10 Technology-Based Learning SIG - Cloud Computing for Not-So-Dummies
Apr 16 April 2012 Chapter Meeting
Apr 23 Northeast GA GIG/Athens - Taking Your Webinar from Good to Great
Apr 26 Talent Management for Workplace Learning Professionals Webinar Series - Module 4: How to Create a Strategic Talent Management Plan
May 01 Southeast GA GIG/Savannah - Best Practices for eLearning Simulations
May 08 Middle GA GIG/Macon - Skills for 21st Century Leadership
May 08 Organization Development (OD) SIG - Inside Influence: Leading Change from the Middle
May 15 Technology-Based Learning (TBL) SIG - Managing Reusable Content for Technical Training
May 19 Goodwill - ASTD ATL Project Train-the-Trainer
May 29 Career Development (CD) SIG - Career Networking For Success
Jun 04 Corporate Training (CT) SIG -- Hey Right Brain - Wake UP!
Jun 12 Middle GA GIG/Macon - Management Development Training Ideas
Jun 12 Independents, Networking & Collaborating (INC) SIG - Market Like A Pro…The Secrets You Don’t Know!
Jun 18 June 2012 Chapter Meeting
Jun 19 Habitat Homeowner Computer Training
Jun 25 Northeast GA GIG/Athens - Strategies for Exploring Pod-Casting and Vod-Casting
Jul 10 Middle GA GIG/Macon - Today’s Technology Trends
Jul 10 Organization Development (OD) SIG - Crashing With the Nose Up: Creating an Internally Collaborative Environment
Jul 24 Career Development (CD) SIG - An evening with Chick-fil-A
Jul 26 Southeast GA/Savannah GIG and SHRM Business Retreat
Jul 31 Technology-Based Learning (TBL) SIG - Collaboration Tools for Remote Training Teams
Aug 01 eLearning Launch Party! with Adobe User Group & Corporate Training SIG
Aug 02 Southeast Georgia GIG/Savannah presents How to Grow Revenues for Training & Consulting Companies
Aug 07 Independents, Networking & Collaborating (INC) SIG - Networking is Dead: Making Connections that Matter
Aug 14 Middle GA GIG/Macon - Getting Managers to Embrace Training
Aug 20 ASTD Atlanta Conference & Expo (ACE) 2012
Aug 27 Northeast GA GIG/Athens - Blogging for Business: Lessons from an HR Blogger
Aug 30 Sales Performance Improvement (SPI) SIG - Optimize Your Sales Organization Using a Whole Brain® Approach
Sep 06 Independents, Networking & Collaborating (INC) SIG - Our first collaboration event !
Sep 11 Middle GA GIG/Macon - Open House Networking
Sep 11 Organization Development (OD) SIG - Connecting the Dots Through Story
Sep 18 Technology-Based Learning (TBL) SIG - Understanding and Enhancing Learner Engagement
Sep 19 ASTD Atlanta and Atlanta Community Food Bank Event
Sep 25 Career Development (CD) SIG - Delta Airlines - Career Development at 8 Miles per Minute – How airline training programs prepare pilots for today’s travel challenges and how that applies to you!
Oct 08 Corporate Training (CT) SIG - Better Training Through Pictures
Oct 09 Middle GA GIG/Macon - Connecting the Dots through Story: How to Find and Develop Stories to Make Your Training Stick
Oct 11 Independents, Networking & Collaborating (INC) SIG - Back by popular demand!
Oct 15 October 2012 Chapter Meeting
Oct 22 ASTD Atlanta NE Atlanta GIG Event “Recipe Swap (training best practices exchange)"
Oct 23 Independents, Networking & Collaborating (INC) SIG - Managing Differently
Oct 30 Career Development (CD) SIG - Jabian Consulting and the importance of Informal Learning for your organization
Nov 13 Middle GA GIG/Macon - "Effectively Managing A Multigenerational Workforce"
Nov 13 Organization Development (OD) SIG - Micro-steps To Building Creative Work Teams
Nov 27 Independents, Networking & Collaborating (INC) SIG - Ask your CPA
Dec 10 December 2012 Chapter Meeting
Dec 11 Middle GA GIG/Macon - “The New Economy & the State of the Workplace Learning Profession”