President's Message


Welcome to our Greater Atlanta ATD chapter.  2017 is an interesting year to be part of such an amazing organization.  These truly are times of great change.  Both our state and country are moving in directions that are simultaneously:

  • Growing more liberal and more conservative
  • Seeking safety and protection from our systems of authority and within a strengthened system of authority
  • Exploring more socialist forms of government and renewing commitments to more democratic forms of government
  • Celebrating empowerment/freedom and threatening violence/terrorism


What a wonderful, complex, sobering and sometimes even frightening time to live. No matter how you view the world, your opinions have likely grown stronger about what’s going right and what needs to be fixed over the last year or two. Without a doubt, our society is on the cusp of needing some of the most intuitive, efficient, impactful, and inspiring real-world solutions to some of the hardest problems our world has ever faced. And our field of talent development is becoming a more important strategic partners across the business, government, education and non-profit sectors.


Our ever-changing world needs the crafts of talent development professionals in order to:

  • Create meaningful messages that calls audiences to action
  • Develop structures that provide just-in-time access to contextual information
  • Help remove access barriers
  • Save time, money, and even lives by getting people critical information in a format allowing them to make more informed decisions
  • Assess needs and build plans that map out the shortest path to achieve business goals
  • Motivate audiences to change behavior


These are just some of the big-picture outcomes and strategies that are shaped by our daily decisions as talent development professionals.  ATD Greater Atlanta represents an amazing cross-section of the professions, generations and races that have learned to effectively work together and honor each other’s contributions.  We are individuals with different backgrounds, thoughts and opinions, yet we work together in a way that models for our community how to:

  1. Teach leadership through acts of service

  2. Inspire hope in the middle of personal challenges

  3. Build trust through shared experiences

  4. Create peace by shifting paradigms


No, we are not a political organization.  But we are an organization made up of both leaders and followers that recognize, as talent development professionals, we lead and influence others.  Certainly we assess, design, develop, train, facilitate, evaluate, coach leaders, mentor colleagues, map career paths, manage projects, negotiate and manage high-change environments.  But we also live in a real-world of problems and paradoxes.  And 2017 provides a new opportunity for us to work collaboratively, to make a difference as we spend this year focused on Bringing Talent Development Together. 


Calls to action:

  • If you are a member, consider getting involved as a volunteer to make the most of your membership and invite a colleague to join you.
  • If you’re not a member, consider joining today
  • If you are a business looking to collaborate with the largest association of talent development professionals in Georgia, consider our sponsoring opportunities
  • If you are a service provider, consider joining our provider directory
  • If you are ready to help lead our organization to new heights or have an idea for ways we can improve, reach out to one of our leadership team members to be part of the solution.




Robb Bingham

ATD Greater Atlanta President